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"We're as good as  your  results"


We are a Latin American company with a staff of qualified professionals who offer comprehensive support based on the principles of innovation and technology with the highest quality standards.

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We work as a team to provide the best service to our clients


We are Experts in Temperature Control

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Humberto Laserna

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Founding CEO

General Manager

Latin America

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Felipe Moreno

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General Manager



Amanda Bayonne

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Commercial Manager 


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George Moreno

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Product development

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Miguel Santos

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Technical Support and Validations

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Provide comprehensive specialized solutions with the support of the best equipment and technology, ensuring that our clients achieve the highest quality standards.

Cold Chain Consulting 2020-2030 

IPC Associates Latam accepts the challenge and undertakes the logistics project  towards an industry that improves its quality standards and regulations, in the most important areas of socio-economic development in this new decade._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


A Service Model
Optimum for the Market
Latin American

We provide professional and technical  service channels for all your cold chain needs, as an ISO 9001:2015, SGS certified company. We cover the market demand with technology and a trained human team as a reliable and effective business model in all its logistics strategies in Colombia and Latin America.



Vehicles - Equipment - Cold Rooms - Containers - Routes. 


The objective of this qualification is to provide documented support that evidences the compliance or noncompliance of the intervened equipment/system with respect to the key design aspects (user requirements) planned during its acquisition and/or adaptation. It includes a phase of preliminary diagnosis, compilation of technical information, verification of requirements, Evaluation of requirements and verification of the purchase/adequacy.

We actively participate in the Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Health and Food Industry.

We take care of providing logistics solutions and strategies for good storage, manufacturing and distribution practices.
We participate in the success of your business when your products successfully arrive at their destination in the best physical , chemical and mechanical conditions  .

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"Our Slogan and Philosophy"

We firmly believe that quality and communication with our clients have led us to share success in all their undertakings and projects. We offer and contribute the best of our team to provide sustainable and innovative solutions that show results aimed at the economic and environmental development of our planet.

"We are only as good as your results"

IPC Team

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