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Elitech RC-4 USB LCD Temperature Data Logger/Logger Dual sensor wide measuring range is mainly used for temperature recording during storage and sea/air/road transportation of food, drug, chemical and other products, especially used in all kinds of storage. logistics and cold chain, such as refrigerated containers, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated package, cold storage, laboratory, etc. or in large global supply chain businesses.

1. Directly connect with computer for data exchange, easy operation: when connected to computer, the software will automatically read the data and form reports.

2. Display temperature, time, over temperature alarm, upper/lower temperature limit, Max. / Min. value on LCD display.

3. Double sensor: built-in sensor and external sensor.

4. It is used to record temperature data for a long period of time.

5. LCD to display data and settings.

6. More than one year of battery life.

7. Data management software and USB cable included to work with PC easily.


1.Accuracy: ±1℃

2.Record capacity: 16000 points (MAX)

3.Record interval: 10s~24hours adjustable

4.Sensor: NTC internal thermal resistance

Elitech RC4 mini Data Logger

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